Glass Tile Back Splash Project

Happy Friday – My favorite day of the week.  The beginning of the weekend!

This winter I tackled a glass tile back splash project.  I must admit that this was one of the most intimidating projects I have attempted.  The only tile experience I had previously was installing pebble tile floors in front of my fireplace,   and laundry room.  They were easy because there was no tile cutting involved.  If a pebble didn’t fit you just replaced it with a different one.  I will share the finished product first and then go through some of the photos shot while doing the install.


I should begin by telling you I have no upper cabinets in my kitchen so there was not a lot of tiling that needed to be done.  Nevertheless, this project has been weighing on my mind for several years.  I did not want to spend the money to have a professional installer do such a small job.  Besides, I love a challenge.  This is what the back splash and bar looked like before.



So I got lots of sample tiles to find just that right tile.  This was a one-shot deal.  No going back and changing my mind.  It is tile meant to go up and stay up a long, long time.  I bought the small  1″ x 2″ aqua glass tiles online as well as the grout.  The tile was on sale but the grout (a special ground glass grout for glass tile) was not any deal.   I purchased the necessary equipment:  A very cheap tile cutter, glass tile blade, eye protective glasses, a mask, (I already had a grout float and trowel and some painter’s tape.)




Don’t worry about all that cracked glass tile.  That was, fortunately, at the bottom of the box.  This picture does not properly reflect the color.  They are a real aqua color.  My counters are blue granite and my pendant lights are aqua crystal so it all works quite nicely,

Next time I will check all of the tiles before I begin my project.  One more purchase that I absolutely loved were these double-sided tile sheets.  You cut them to size and affix them to your tile area.  You then press your tiles (cut to size) onto the sheet and you are done.  Here is a photo of the packaging and a shoot of the sheets on the wall.


What a dream those sheets are.  They aren’t inexpensive but for a small tile job like mine, they save you having to trowel the adhesive onto the wall prior to laying the tiles.  Because the sheets come set on a backing, you have to cut tons of tiles in half to even the way down the wall in the subway style pattern they are arranged in.  I made a template and just counted how many halves I would need.  When you install the halves, you put the cut side in so the reveal is a finished edge.  Pretty simple once you get going.  The next photo shows the tiles pre-grout.


The next day the grout was troweled on and wiped off with a damp sponge.  This grout is amazing.  Since it is made of glass, the grout lines don’t really show a lot and the glass tiles are the feature. The grout has a bit of sparkle to it but it is hard to see in the photos.  Trust me it is lovely.



I am thrilled with the final product and now I want to just tile everything.  That is the problem when your project is over.  What do you tackle next.  I decided to build a media center for my TV.  All that is left is to attach the back.  You’d thing something that simple would be a no brainer but… I need a second set of hands to get it properly lined up to attach it to the back.  I’ll ask Leslie to lend me a hand so I can complete it and share it with you.  Have a great weekend.  Cheers, Linda

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